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Negotiations are how we craft and shape our lives. It is a step we can take to start a process to make our lives, both personal and professional, look how we want it to. Whether you are working to balance the diverse needs of your team members or simply advocate for yourself. You are probably already negotiating more than you think!


The who, what and how of leadership spend their lives crafting. Who can be a leader? Who is seen as a leader? What is leadership? How do I lead? Others vs. myself? These questions are not only to be answered once, but also to be reflected on frequently - even everyday!


Diversity brings challenges and with it, the opportunity to always learn something new. This means, stay curious! Ask questions - especially, when you are not sure. Every encounter is an opportunity for your personal and professional development. With this orientation, we have the chance to be more aware and inclusive in your work environment.


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