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You may have already heard of a growth mindset, where you believe that essential skills can be learned and believe you can learn them. The next step is to build the habit of asking yourself three questions: (1) What can I do to help myself? (2) How else can I do this? (3) Is there a better way of doing this?

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Awareness of your own attitudes, characteristics and behavioral tendencies is paramount to your ability to effectively lead others. Reflecting on your own experiences can help you identify possible demotivators such as unfair processes or a lack of feedback and proactively address them with the affected parties. This will ultimately help you with regulating your own emotions and anticipate any negative emotions developing in your followers.

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Diversity brings challenges and with it, the opportunity to always learn something new. This means, stay curious! Ask questions - especially, when you are not sure. Every encounter is an opportunity for your personal and professional development. With this orientation, we have the chance to be more aware and inclusive in your work environment.

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