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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates

I offer trainings on leadership, negotiations, and diversity in inclusion. This includes leading in all directions, leadership development for all levels of experience, negotiations training for collaborative negotiations, intercultural training, and inclusive leadership.

Coaching, Training & Consulting: Services

To get an idea of the kinds of programs and videos I produce, check out the videos below! 

The first is a sample program using a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats on the topic of inclusion. The second is a video I produced for an online, asynchronous self-learning course. The formats and videos can be adjusted and contextualized to your individual needs. 


Coaching allows both me and coachee to get to know each other better and talk through specific challenges. I offer dynamic sessions centered around the needs of the coachee, whether it is a listening ear or concrete step-by-step coaching. My goal is to have an inspiring and rewarding process on both sides!


Whether online or in-person, I work to create an environment of openness and reflection for my participants. My style is quite dynamic, so I will come prepared with specific lessons in mind, but am quick to adapt to the needs of the participants. Happy to stick to the lesson plan or go on a detour that leads us in a completely different direction - whatever is best for the group.


Complete courses on your own time on important topics such as digital leadership, negotiation, diversity or job applications. The beauty of this format is that it is available to you when you have time. Whether you want a 15-minute “just get started” course or a course to be completed over a series of weeks, the online courses are stand alone experiences that can also be paired well with a workshop or webinar.


Morning coffee, lunchtime learning or for an afterwork event, the webinars are designed to be flexible from your physical location and completed with coffee or lunch in hand. I am always open to questions from the audience and after the webinar, I also provide some short infographics and information at the end to highlight the key points.


All formats are available as part of mix and match packages. We have all the tools available to us - why not use them!


Since 2014, I have been actively training STEM scientists in leadership, negotiation and diversity topics. Being a scientist myself, I understand the academic world and can also translate the key topics from the business world that are relevant for scientists today.


Designing effective and comprehensive professional development programs. Using an evidence-based approach for both the design and the content, I work to ensure that participants have concrete takeaways and a plan of action. Using empirical survey measures, I report on participant development and learning success.

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